Rival freight park developers join forces ahead of SIFE inquiry

Rival developers behind freight interchanges proposed for Radlett and Colnbrook HAVE joined forces in a development that removes a significant objector from the SIFE public inquiry.

temple quay house

Goodman Logistics and Helioslough have been opposing each other’s plans for six years.  But the Planning Inspectorate today announced that a Statement of Common Ground has been received – 11 days after the deadline set at the Pre Inquiry Meeting last month.

The development, predicted last week, is bad news for Colnbrook.

In a 15 page document that sets out the areas where the parties agree, Helioslough makes it clear that it accepts SIFE could co-exist with its own freight park to be built at Radlett.

Helioslough’s position, as expressed in previous representations, is that there is scope for more than one SRFI to be developed within the M25 NW Sector to serve London and the South East.

The document maintains Helioslough’s belief that Radlett remains the better site.  However the document makes it clear that the companies consider Radlett’s planning permission to be beyond appeal.

“Radlett, which has the benefit of a planning permission, is to be regarded as the first in the network of SRFI facilities and SIFE (if approved) is to be regarded as the second in the line of such facilities. As a result it will not form part of the Appellant’s case to the Secretary of State on its appeal to argue that SIFE is in any material respect preferable to Radlett.”

The agreement between the parties also includes an endorsement from Network Rail. In a 2011 letter to the Department of Transport the company’s Director of Network Planning Richard Eccles states:

“There is an implication in the report that Colnbrook and Radlett are competing Rail Freight Interchange (RFI) schemes aimed at the same market. Network Rail has not been asked to comment upon this point previously but we quite clear that this is not the case.

“We conclude that the South East is quite capable of supporting a much larger RFI market – but has been starved of sites to date.”

The document also sets out the changes in planning policy the two companies believe justifies why SIFE should go ahead.  Since the rejection of the original planning application by Slough Borough Council on September 8 2011 the National Planning Policy Framework was established in March 2012.  Two additional policy statements are so recent even the inspector may need to brush up: the National Policy Statement for National Networks (January 2015) and revised London Plan (March 2015).

Today was the last day for representations to the SIFE public inquiry, meaning a key deadline to address the lack of awareness of SIFE and relaunch the stopSIFE campaign has been missed.  The ‘heads of groups’ committee had volunteered to take forward the action at the Meeting of the Parish on June 16.

The inquiry kicks off on September 8.

Read the full Statement of Common Ground between Helioslough and Goodman.

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Setback for anti-SIFE campaign as rival freight park developers set to join forces

A deal between rival developers Goodman and Helioslough is looking likely in a move which could be a significant setback to those opposed to the scheme.

SIFE On completion SIFE will provide 2,000,000 sq ft of accommodation which Goodman itself is promoting as “road based distribution warehouses with rail connection”.

The Planning Inspectorate says it is expecting that an agreement between the rival developers behind freight interchanges at Radlett and Colnbrook will be submitted this week.

The two giants have been opposing each other’s plans for six years, bringing resources to opposition campaigns that could not be matched by local campaigns.


The Planning Inspectorate’s comments were made in response to a request from Colnbrook Views earlier today.

It could see the firms enter into a cooperation agreement positioning their respective hubs as part of a road to rail infrastructure network, rather than as in competition with each other.

If confirmed it would remove a significant Rule 6 party opposing SIFE from next month’s inquiry.


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HGV trips from SIFE to be capped at 1 million under agreement between Slough and Goodman

The number of annual HGV movements generated by the SIFE development when fully operational will be capped to 992,880 movements if it gets the go ahead in September.

HGVs SIFE will generate 3,230 HGV trips on the Colnbrook By-pass EVERY day.

SIFE will generate a staggering 1,615 HGV trips per day in each direction updated figures show. That’s in addition to employee trips generated.  But a cap set to be imposed is designed to ensure the interchange cannot operate 7 days a week.

The cap is revealed in a Statement of Common Ground on highways matters agreed in advance of the public inquiry between Slough Borough Council and Goodman Logistics.

The statement establishes areas which the planning inspector may not need to scrutinise during the inquiry, including air quality and traffic predictions.  It acknowledges that getting freight onto rail will take some traffic off the roads, but that the freight park itself will generate a significant number of new trips.

Goodman itself is already promoting SIFE not as a road to rail interchange, but as a series of “road based distribution warehouses with rail connection“.

The agreement does not mean that SBC is supporting SIFE but it does indicate how SBC and Goodman will reshape the local road network … and some of the contributions the developer will be required to hand over to the council if it wins next month’s appeal.

What else has been agreed?

In addition to the cap on overall movements the two main parties to the appeal have agreed:

  • HGVs generated by SIFE will not route via the A4 west of the site between the hours of 23:00 and 05:00.
  • A package of transport measures and road and junction improvements will be funded by Goodman including changes to the M4, M25, A4, Sutton Lane, and A3044. Most significantly the Colnbrook By-pass will be extended to two lanes in each direction in the vicinity of the site.
  • A new bus lay-by would be created on the south (westbound) side slightly west of Lakeside Road West, although Slough’s earlier commitment to fund the Colnbrook leg of the Smart Bus system from contributions from Goodman has not made it into the agreement.
  • The location of a WRAtH tunnel under the site would be safeguarded.
  • During construction of the Langley Heathrow Express depot 5.6 HGVs per day are expected to be routed through Sutton Lane to the A4. However even if all construction traffic is routed through Brands Hill (26 HGVs per hour) both parties agree this would have a “negligible operational impact”.
  • Goodman would create new cycle paths and footpaths along the Colne Valley Way and access from the by-pass.
  • Goodman will make a contribution to Slough Borough Council of £68,640 per annum for a period of five years, i.e. £343,200 in all to fund additional journeys by bus services along the A4 Colnbrook Bypass servicing the site (I.e. 77/78 bus).
  • A number of other contributions would be made by Goodman toward other bus related infrastructure including real time information screens at bus stops outside Ye Olde George and on the by-pass.

Next Tuesday (August 11) is the cut-off for final submissions to the SIFE inquiry.  While village groups acknowledged on June 26 that many in the village are still unaware of the consequences of the development an awareness campaign has failed to materialise.

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Planning Inspectorate rejects postponing SIFE inquiry until after runway decision

The Planning Inspectorate advised that it has rejected calls to defer the public inquiry into SIFE until after a decision on a new runway has been made.

Tanhouse Gravel Pits The former Tanhouse Gravel Pits being fought over by Heathrow and Goodman.The Planning Inspectorate has this morning announced it intends to proceed as planned with the public inquiry into the proposed Slough International Freight Exchange (SIFE) beginning on September 8.

While rejecting a call to postpone at the Pre Inquiry Meeting on July 20, made on behalf of residents’ group stopSIFE, the Planning Inspector had called for views.  Both the Parish Council and Colnbrook Community Association wrote in support of deferring the inquiry until after the Government’s decision on a Colnbrook runway.

However it appears the inspector has stuck to her previous position.

Today’s announcement, in an email to Colnbrook Views, said:

This appeal has already been the subject of significant delay and there are no certainties over whether or not the Airport Commission’s report will be taken forward, or any subsequent decision on that report.

“The appeal proposal will be considered on its own merits and the inquiry will consider all relevant information which the Inspector will consider before preparing a report to be submitted to the Secretary of State.”

The decision will be both frustrating to those residents who have already invested effort in fighting Heathrow’s plans for the site.  But it will be seen as somewhat baffling given the Government’s decision could render any positive outcome for Goodman void.

Whether or not the developer (and mortgagee the Swanston family of Tanhouse Farm, Colnbrook) could stand to benefit from an immediate increase in land value as a result of winning the appeal, to Heathrow’s obvious detriment, is not clear.

The appeal into SIFE has remained “in abeyance” for some time. In August 2012 Goodman called for an adjournment pending the outcome of the decision on the rival Helioslough development at Radlett.  That was rejected.  Then, Community’s Secretary Eric Pickles proposed a “conjoined” inquiry, but subsequently changed his mind and granted permission for Radlett.  A series of legal challenges since then have failed.

It had been hoped a delay would have allowed time to relaunch the local campaign group stopSIFE.

The decision is bad news locally.  A call for volunteers to mobilise in readiness of the public inquiry was to have been made at the Meeting of the Parish on June 16.  That was instead deferred to a ‘heads of groups’ meeting which, nearly six weeks on, has made no progress.

The public inquiry begins in 39 days.


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Timing of SIFE Inquiry “a cynical ploy to benefit at the taxpayers expense” – but Planning Inspectorate indicates it MAY delay

The Planning Inspectorate has opened the door to delaying the SIFE Inquiry as one village group says the timing was “a cynical ploy to benefit at the taxpayers expense”.


The Planning Inspectorate has opened the door to considering a postponement of the SIFE Inquiry until after the Government decides on a Colnbrook runway.

A written request on behalf of stopSIFE to delay the Inquiry was read out by the inspector at the pre-inquiry meeting on Monday 20, but opposed by developer Goodman.

However, in a communication to all parties on Wednesday, the Planning Inspectorate requested further views on the question, by Monday 27.

Colnbrook with Poyle Parish Council responded on Friday, writing:

“Having invested enormous funds and effort in a commission of national importance it seems sensible to resolve this issue before committing to further public expenditure on defending a planning appeal for something that in all probability could and should never be built.”

The Colnbrook Community Association also wrote yesterday to the Inspectorate to suggest that the time and cost involved in attending an unnecessary Inquiry was “an unnecessary burden” which would only benefit Goodman.

It also said the accused the developer of a “cynical ploy” in pushing for the Inquiry to go ahead without certainty on the runway decision:

“The only reason for Goodman to wish this inquiry to continue is for the additional land value that would result from this inquiry allowing the development to go ahead. Heathrow, or the taxpayer, would therefore have to pay a falsely inflated price for the land already owned by Goodman’s under a CPO. We see this as a cynical ploy to benefit at the taxpayers expense.”

Slough Borough Council already indicated it would support a call to postpone.

Responses on the matter from interested residents and village groups need to reach the Planning Inspectorate (leanne.palmer@pins.gsi.gov.uk) no later than close of business tomorrow.


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Radlett freight exchange difficulties take us back to 2010 all over again!

As if the Heathrow Vs Gatwick competition has not warn us all out, it looks like the Radlett Vs Colnbrook contest could be back on the cards too.

Cathy Bolshaw STRiFE

St Albans District Council has this week ended its legal challenge over planning permission for the Strategic Rail Freight Interchange on the former Radlett Aerodrome, the Herts Advertiser has reported.  But developer Helioslough has a few more hurdles to get over before it can start building the massive depot, and any one of the could yet see the scheme pushed back to Colnbrook yet again.

Contrary to claims that SIFE was defeated in 2010, the lengthy legal process has been held “in abeyance” since Goodman successfully called for the public inquiry to be adjourned pending the decision on the “alternative” Radlett site.

And, as Cllr Dexter Smith confirmed today, the continuing rivalry between the developers Goodman and Helioslough could yet play out in the forthcoming inquiry into SIFE.

Back to the future: the stopSIFE campaign from 2010 has been "held in abeyance" pending the appeal which kicks off on September 8. Back to the future: the stopSIFE campaign from 2010 has been “held in abeyance” pending the appeal which kicks off on September 8.

At the end of June St Albans was dealt a major blow after it was refused permission to appeal the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government’s decision to grant planning permission to developers Helioslough for the Radlett Airfield scheme.  An oral hearing was the final course open to the council since its unsuccessful challenge in the Court of Appeal last month.  But the council’s own legal advice believed it had little chances of success in view of the judge’s written “clear opinion”.

Cathy Bolshaw for STRiFE – Stop the Rail Freight Exchange – which has fought the scheme since the outset in 2006, paid tribute to her council’s long fight and “loyalty” to residents.

The next step will be for Hertfordshire County Council, part owner of Radlett Airfield, to decide whether or not it can avoid selling the land to Helioslough.  Herts is under pressure in view of its “fiduciary” duty to its residents to gain the best return possible for the land.  In May an alternative proposal was made to build a “super hospital” on the site to serve the area’s growing population.

STRiFE on its website says:

“Whilst they have a fiduciary duty to the County of Hertfordshire, they also do have a basic responsibility to preserve the Green Belt and all that, that stands for in Hertfordshire.” 

herts lg Will Herts sell the 300 acres of land to Helioslough to enable construction to start?

But the sale of the last 300 acres of land may not be the only obstacle remaining to allow Helioslough to crack on with building the depot.  As if there haven’t been enough twists and turns already, the Government confirmed cuts to major rail projects in the recent budget, forcing many Network Rail infrastructure improvements, including the key Midland Mainline upgrade, to be shelved.  Network Rail itself is in meltdown currently with major cost overruns and delays. 

The rail link into the SRFI on Radlett Airfield is a key component of the proposal but there is doubt now about who would pay, or whether the preparatory feasibility work has even been carried out.

Newly elected Hertsmere MP Oliver Dowden has written to Network Rail and the Department for Transport (DfT), and tabled parliamentary questions about the proposed strategic interchange.  It won’t be the first time the Radlett scheme has been debated in Parliament as a result of the high profile support local MPs have given to opposers of the scheme there.  St Albans’ MP Anne Main, who has long sought to push the Radlett scheme to Colnbrook, was recently reelected for a third term on a significantly increased majority.

anne main _lg St Alban’s MP has fought hard to push the Radlett scheme to Colnbrook on the basis that it would harm St Albans’ Green Belt less.


There is also doubt that work on the rail link could disrupt passenger services on the new Thameslink line. The St Albans Civic Society has voiced concerns that, without the rail link, the scheme would become a lorry rather than a rail freight facility.

The go ahead campaign group STRiFE set up an e-petition in March calling on Herts council not to sell the land.  It needs 10,000 signatures to force a full council debate on the issue and is well over half way there.  The petition closes on September 26.

Coincidentally, that is also around the time when the Inquiry into Goodman’s appeal into SIFE is expected to conclude.

The similarities between the Radlett and Colnbrook schemes don’t stop there, but the staunch political backing protesters have in Radlett has no parallel here.  The equivalent “ransom strip” on the SIFE site owned by Slough Borough Council is not expected to feature in deliberations in quite the same way.  Nobody really believes Slough’s heart remains in defending the Green Belt as it appeared to be in 2010, given it has welcomed a third runway on the site with open arms.

The irony is that, in the short term at least, further difficulties for Helioslough in Radlett might be good news for Colnbrook.  The company, ironically part owned by Slough Estates, may be more likely to remain an objector in the SIFE inquiry!

And THAT would be welcome news.


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Planning Inspectorate rejects postponement of SIFE Inquiry as rivals given deadline to find common ground

The Planning Inspectorate yesterday rejected a postponement of the Inquiry into SIFE until after the Government has decided on a Colnbrook runway, paving the way for it to go ahead as planned on September 8.


Yesterday's Pre-Inquiry Meeting for the SIFE Appeal was held at The Centre, Farnham Road. Yesterday’s Pre-Inquiry Meeting for the SIFE Appeal was held at The Centre, Farnham Road.

Yesterday’s Pre-Inquiry Meeting into SIFE at The Centre on Farnham Road rejected a proposed six month postponement and cleared the way for the Inquiry proper to begin as planned on September 8.    But the outcome of the Inquiry itself may yet depend on whether the two construction Titans Helioslough and Goodman can find common ground.

With a decision by the Government on whether or not to back the recommendation of the Davies Commission for a third Heathrow runway expected by Christmas, the Inquiry will proceed with little certainty the project will ever materialise as planned even if developer Goodman wins its appeal.

The planning inspector, Diane Lewis, sided with Goodman’s representatives who were opposed to delay.

However, Cllr Dexter Smith, who attended and addressed yesterday’s meeting, has indicated to Colnbrook Views that the Parish Council will make a similar representation to postpone and that Paul Stimpson from Slough Borough Council is similarly supportive.

The SlFE master plan (click to launch full size PDF version) The SlFE master plan (click to launch full size PDF version)

In a day largely concerned with the technicalities and procedural matters of the Inquiry proper, it emerged that negotiations are on-going between the rival developers Helioslough and Goodman – the outcome of which could influence the length of time and complexity of the hearings.

Helioslough Ltd, the developer of the rival freight interchange at Radlett, may drop out if it can conclude an agreement currently being negotiated with Goodman, recognising Radlett as the first terminal in a new national freight network and SIFE as the second hub in the network.  That would have the effect of reducing the Inquiry from around four weeks to three.  Helioslough is currently an objector to SIFE.

Dexter remains unconvinced given the much of the argument in earlier appeal hearings for both schemes has pitched Colnbrook and Radlett as alternatives.  Government strategy (now obsolete) dating back to 2004 initially envisaged a network of four ‘strategic rail freight interchanges’ around the M25.  Neither the Radlett nor Colnbrook development comes close to meeting what was foreseen then as the requirement for such a facility.

Proposed Development on the former Radlett Aerodrome The Strategic Rail Freight Interchange already approved to be built on the former Radlett Aerodrome

The two construction giants have been given a deadline of July 31 by the Inspector to produce a Statement of Common Ground which would see Helioslough withdraw its objection.

Slough Borough Council is also likely to produce a Statement of Common Ground with Goodman on Air Quality to the same deadline.  However, Cllr Smith suggested to the Inspector that a much more definitive (and better resourced) look at air quality issues for the site is included in the Davies Report.  The Inspector has agreed that this may be used in comparison.

Slough is also likely to produce a Statement of Common Ground on Mitigation, including a draft Section 106 agreement by July 31.

Key date What will happen
31 July 2015 Statements of Common Ground to be submitted
11 August 2015 Final proofs of case (4 copies required) to be submitted to Leanne Palmer at the Planning Inspectorate, including any comments on these Statements of Common Ground.
TBD The Inspector wants to be notified now if there are any recommendations from any of the parties for site visits (which she intends to make before the Inquiry starts).
8 September 2015 Start of the Inquiry.

As things stand the Inquiry will open on September 8.  After submission of evidence by the Objectors, and then the Appellant, the inspector intends there will be discussion of the draft Section 106 Agreement, and then closing submissions in reverse order.

Slough Borough Council is likely to appear first, for most of the remaining first week.  HelioSlough will follow if it has not come to an agreement with Goodman.  All other objecting parties who had previously registered their objection with the Planning inspectorate (including the Colne Valley, CCA and stopSIFE) will have their opportunity to appear.  The extent to which residents may get involved in the Inquiry will largely be determined by the interest gauged following a proposed leaflet drop.  Following the Parish Meeting on June 16 and subsequent ‘heads of groups’ meeting ten days later it was recognised that awareness of SIFE is low in the village.  Cllr Angell and C-NAG chair Raymond Jackson were actioned with drawing up an information and awareness leaflet to be distributed to all homes in the parish.

All those addressing the Inquiry will follow the same procedural sequence: Evidence; Cross Examination; Inspector’s Questions; Re-examination.


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SIFE pre-inquiry WILL go ahead despite Airports Commission recommendation

The Planning Inspectorate has today confirmed to Colnbrook Views that next week’s SIFE pre-inquiry meeting WILL go ahead as planned.

The SlFE master plan (click to launch full size PDF version) The SlFE master plan (click to launch full size PDF version)

With the Government not due to announce its decision until Christmas on whether or not to support the Colnbrook runway recommendation of the Davies Commission you might have expected next week’s pre-inquiry meeting (PIM) into SIFE to be postponed, or even cancelled.  As a national infrastructure project a Third Runway stands to trump any competing claims on the site by Goodman.

Not so says the Planning Inspectorate which said today that the PIM scheduled for Monday (July 20) “is due to go ahead as programmed”.

The full Inquiry set to run for three weeks in September. With wall-to-wall barristers on both camps the time and cost involved in attending these sessions will not be insignificant.  It could therefore be wasted if the Government agrees with Sir Howard.

Monday's agenda (click to view PDF version) Monday’s agenda (click to view PDF version)

Cash-strapped Slough Borough Council will also struggle to find resources – although the suspicion will no doubt be that it has warmed to the idea of the income that SIFE may bring in and may be less interested in defeating it than in 2010.

The Airports Commission report has been included on the agenda “for discussion”, the Planning Inspectorate says.

Colnbrook resident and Colne Valley Park director Mike Nye warned in May that even if Heathrow expansion on the site is given the go-ahead, Goodman Colnbrook (Jersey) Limited may well revise its plans to fit into the remaining land adjacent to the land take required for a third runway. Presumably if the plans changed significantly in that way it would void any Inquiry decision and require a new application to be submitted from scratch.

The Parish Council has appointed Cllr Dexter Smith to represent it at the meeting next week.  Cllr Smith was nominated by Cllr Laxman, seconded by Cllr Angell and unanimously agreed by all councillors present at the Finance & Policy Committee on June 23.

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“Keep emotions out of it”, says Nye, as he warns SIFE and a Third Runway could be combined

Former councillor Michael Nye has issued a stark warning that the massive SIFE development could be combined with a Colnbrook Runway.  But he warns: “keep emotions out of it!” 

Director of the Colne Valley Park Community Interest Company and former parish councillor Michael Nye Director of the Colne Valley Park Community Interest Company and former parish councillor Michael Nye

Both the Parish Council and Colnbrook Community Association have both confirmed in the last few days that they have requested the right to address the Inquiry by the Planning Inspectorate into the proposed Slough International Freight Exchange (SIFE).

Minutes for the first full Parish Council meeting of the new term on May 19 – finally published on Friday – showed that the that Parish has confirmed its attendance at the Inquiry which starts on September 8 and has registered its intention to speak.

On Friday, as the deadline for registrations closed, the Colnbrook Community Association also confirmed that it hopes to address the Inquiry.  The decision followed a members’ meeting last week.

But whether a community fightback against the development will emerge remains unclear.  With the consultation into Goodman Ltd’s latest 3,500 page submission already closed and the pre-Inquiry meeting just a few weeks away, there is little time.  Meanwhile former parish councillor Michael Nye has warned of the nightmare prospect of SIFE being combined with a Third Runway proposal.

Mr Nye was invited to give his views on the impending SIFE Inquiry at the Annual Meeting of the Parish earlier this month.

The SIFE site, north of the Colnbrook By-pass The SIFE site, north of the Colnbrook By-pass

In his ten minute talk, which was not on the agenda, Mr Nye, who is currently a director of the Colne Valley Park Community Interest Company, talked about the changes to the planning system that had prompted both the three year delay to the expected appeal, and the submission of an addendum to the developer’s original Environmental Statement.

The National Planning Policy Framework had been updated three times in the last five years, Mr Nye explained, while the South East Plan had been revoked, came back, and has now finally been revoked again.

A lot of the old remains but there are a lot of new things

While much of the proposal remains the same there are “a lot of new things”.  Nye focused on loss of flood plain in particular, as being of particular interest to the village, insisting:

“When you start moving flood plains about water will tend to find its own course”.

With Green Belt protections significantly weakened by the loss of the South East Plan, Nye warned that the proposal will be much harder to fight – despite the inclusion of the six objectives of the Colne Valley Park in Slough Borough Council’s policy framework.

Plan of the Proposed SIFE Development Plan of the Proposed SIFE Development

He also issued a stark warning that, while SIFE and the Third Runway will be considered separately to each other, there is a very real prospect that the two may be combined with an expanded airport taking a “much larger footprint” than currently being considered.

“In terms of the appeal we can only look at one project at a time … if the new runway gets proposed, SIFE cannot operate unless it is contained in the airport boundary … if that happens the airport will take a much larger footprint than is currently given.  The other option is the extension of the Northern Runway.”

The biggest thing to remember is whenever you hear about any of these projects that are going ahead they are all bandied by the Government to be in the national interest. My response to that is: ‘why does Colnbrook have to support the national interest in every one of these developments?’

Nye said he personally found it objectionable that locally we should be hit with so many national infrastructure projects, listing a Third Runway, SIFE, WRAtH, and HS2.  But, with Slough supporting the expansion of Heathrow for its benefit to the local economy, Nye warned residents to keep emotion out of it:

“What we have to do is keep emotion out of it. Planning law is very specific … we can make objections, make a case … but as soon as you deal with emotion you lose the argument.”

Taking questions, Mr Nye was asked if a Neighbourhood Plan would have helped defend against SIFE.  He replied that it would have limited value:

“… these determine how developments are going to proceed, but won’t discourage them rather speed up the process.”

He added:

“SBC have a local plan which will be taken into account but Colnbrook as of yet don’t have a Neighbourhood Plan. There have been efforts to start this and it will need the commitment of councillors and residents get it off the ground.”

Later in the meeting the clerk informed members of a request received from Colne Valley Park for a grant of £1,000 for 2015/16.   Councillors agreed to carry this forward to the Finance and Policy Committee (a committee which comprises all councillors) on June 16.

The Parish has not indicated if Mr Nye is working with the Parish Council on SIFE, or whether it has submitted its own response to the Planning Inspectorate.  SIFE is not on the agenda for the next Parish Council meeting on June 2.

The SIFE Inquiry Timetable

Date Timetable
29th May End of consultation
22nd June Updated submissions/statements of common ground
20th July Pre-Inquiry meeting, probably at The Centre
11th August Submission of Proofs of Evidence
8th September Inquiry begins (probably for 16 days)




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AUDIO BRIEFING: Michael Nye on the SIFE Inquiry

Following the reception to our first video briefing, we’re delighted to bring you the first audio briefing. This one, from the Annual Parish Meeting on May 19 features Michael Nye’s discussion of the impending SIFE Inquiry.

Click on the image to view the video on YouTube. Click on the image to listen to Mr Nye’s talk on YouTube.

Democracy in action! well kind of. Recorded under The Openness of Local Government Bodies Regulations 2014, that permits any recording of a public meeting no matter what restrictions councillors may try and put in your way, this short recording was made at the Annual Meeting of the Parish on May 19.

Former councillor Michael Nye was invited to set out his views to the parish on the impending SIFE Inquiry following the Chair’s review of the previous year.

Apologies for the poor acoustics (not helped by passing aircraft) we’ve added a few subtitles to help.

If you want to read the “non-technical summary” of the addendum to Goodman’s Environmental Statement for SIFE click here.

(Don’t worry, it’s not the full 3,500 pages, just the 36-page summary … and converted down from the Goodman-supplied version of 19MB to 300KB … in the interests of transparency and openness!).

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